Welcome to Belgrade, capital of Serbia!

City of many nations, BELGRADE is a city with a tumultuous, but also frequently tragic past, primarily due to its unique position at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, on the border between the East and the West. Due to its position it was rightfully named “Gates of the Balkans” and the “Doors of Middle Europe”. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe with a 7000-year history. The space around the large rivers of the Sava and Danube was already populated in the Stone Age. The Celts named the populated fortress SINGIDUNUM, where the first part of the word „Singi“ means round, and „dunum“ fortification or town. In the Byzantine Age, Singidunum became an important city of the vast empire. The Slavic name BEOGRAD (Beli grad – White City – probably because its ramparts were made of white limestone) may first be found in records from the 9th century.

Belgrade flourished in 19th and 20th centuries during the reign of the Obrenovic dynasty and Karadjodjevic dynasty. It was then and it still is an important strategic point, the crossroads from the East to the West and one of the most significant cities in the Balkans.

Visitors who come to Belgrade for the first time, never leave indifferent, and always come back to it with joy.

More importantly, Belgraders like everyone, so get to know Belgrade by getting to know Belgraders!